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FAK270-Boston caller

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Trying to get the video working – and take a call from D from Boston.

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3 Canadian Frontline Doctors speak out

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Fighting the system is useless. We need strong doctors to break away from the system and start a new one. It’s not going to get better – the central planners will cut them off as they’ve cut off the demand.

Time for a non-Covidian health care system – free of masks and the germ theory.

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How the Social Credit System Is Coming to America

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Some well-informed Americans may be aware of China’s horrifying “Social Credit System” that was recently unveiled as a method of eradicating any dissent in the totalitarian state. Essentially freezing out anyone who does not conform to the state’s version of the ideal citizen, the SCS is perhaps the most frightening control system being rolled out today. That is, until you consider what is coming next.


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Nazi Healthcare Revived Across the Five Eyes

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Update: video to go with it.

A major component of the Covaids hoax.

A brilliant evaluation of why hospitals will never be the same unless the great coronavirushoax reset is stopped.

Even before COVID-19 annihilated much of the world economy, the baby boomer demographic time bomb was discussed by think tanks and policy makers far and wide. During the past 25 years, young people increasingly put off having children (with a 4.4% collapse in birthrates during the Dec. 2019-Dec 2020 year of COVID). Today western fertility levels have fallen to 1.7 children/woman which is far below the 2.1 levels needed to replace the population.


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