Are Coleman and Bossche disinfo?

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Vern lets me down again.

Sorting truth out is very difficult when the enemies are all invisible.

0;…Greencrow continues: Why do I think this Bossche might be disinfo? Here’s a list:

Dr Vernon Coleman – 0;Old Man In A Chair” latest Video Where he subscribes to Dr. Bossche’s “Vaccine” Theory – that the Covid Virus “exists” greencrowasthecrowflies.blogsp…

BREAKING NEWS: Virologist Rosemary Frei agrees with Greencrow that Dr. Geerte Vanden Bossche’s recent 0;alarm” is yet more from Big Pharma!!! greencrowasthecrowflies.blogsp…

But from my experience as a former long-time medical writer and journalist (1988-2016) — particularly a four-month stint with media-relations giant FleishmanHillard in 1994 (yes, I’ve worked for the dark side) — this has all the hallmarks of a drug-company astroturf campaign. It’s another step in the decades-long erasure of the fact that our sophisticated and highly effective immune systems work well and don’t need any assistance from the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry.

The Curious Case of Geert Vanden Bossche

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4 thoughts on “Are Coleman and Bossche disinfo?

  1. napoleon

    FreakedOut said…
    I’d like to point out that in 1918,during the Spanish Flu, a study was done in Boston Massachusetts where they tried to infect 100 HEALTHY subjects using various methods of transferring potential infectious secretions(oral,sinus,lung phlegm…etc) from people sick with the Spanish Flu to NO avail. They also tried this with sick horses with no luck making the healthy horses sick. What does this data suggest?
    My reference is the book “The Invisible Rainbow” by Dr Arthur Firstenberg, chapter: “Mystery on the Isle of Wight”.

    Coleman has always avoided stating several key-truths about the scamdemic and the power structure. If he’s so at odds with the establishment, how has he managed to find publishers for his voluminous catalog of books?

    Miles Mathis does a good job on him here –
    “He [Coleman] also has a book entitled The 100 Greatest Englishmen and Women. This isn’t just a mainstream list,these are his “personal heroes”. Oliver Cromwell is number 4. Churchill is number 7. William Wilberforce is high on the list.See the other paper I published today. William Petty is at #22: Petty was Cromwell’s Jewish land surveyor, mapping out lands to be stolen in war and given to his soldiers.Like everyone else on the list, he was a big crook. John Lilburne is #30. You really have to read his Wiki page, if you don’t know who he was. ”…

    On his return from Holland, Lilburne was arrested (11 December 1637) for printing and circulating unlicensed books,[7] particularly William Prynne’s News from Ipswich, that were not licensed by the Stationers’ Company. At that time all printing presses and publications were required to be licensed, and publishers were liable to the Court of High Commission.[9]

    Upon his arrest on information from a Stationers’ Company informant, Lilburne was brought before the Court of Star Chamber. Instead of being charged with an offence, he was asked how he pleaded. In his examinations he refused to take the oath known as the ex officio oath (on the grounds that he was not bound to incriminate himself), and thus called into question the court’s usual procedure.[10] As he persisted in his contumacy, he was sentenced on 13 February 1638 to be fined £500, whipped, pilloried, and imprisoned till he obeyed

  2. xileffilex

    I dunno. But in the Rosemary Frei piece linked by Greencrow, this short passage sums it all up – and needs addressing by everyone:

    COVID has an extremely high survival rate. So why develop yet another expensive, invasive and experimental solution to a problem that barely exists, if it does at all? **

    It’s all very curious.

    Yes, very very curious and it ought to be the first question for the masses of fit, healthy people taking the vaxx like a shot [sic]. [Whatever “Covid” is….]
    ** Sadly the fear propaganda carpet bombing has worked a treat.

  3. peetiro

    Another thought, if the Covaids vaccines are as dangerous as they’re looking like, they alone will be enough to produce the next ‘pandemic’ alluded to by Bill and Manlinda, with the media and government propagandists running enough interference that the connection between the vaccine and the actually serious wave of illness will not be made by normies. No need for asymptomatic transmission of Hollywood-style variants from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, as Vern fears will go down.

  4. peetiro

    Vern’s latest, ‘most important’, video definitely has the scent of disinfo to it, forwarding the idea that we’re all going to die, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, and stoking the fear of deadly mutations and ‘variants’ (which will drive the next imminent wave of lockdowns) . Even within the mainstream paradigm of virology, does it follow that Covaids will necessarily mutate into more and more deadly variants to the point of killing off everyone, even the orchestrators of the psy op, as Vern warns? I’ve often heard that viruses have a tendency to fizzle out, like SARS part 1, into relatively benign forms. I do have to admit that pre-Covaids and exposure to the terrain theory I held the belief that annual flu shots were responsible for what seemed to me to be more severe flu strains going around, so perhaps Vern, as a believer in mainstream virology, is genuine in his concern. If he’s disinfo, I’d say he put on a pretty good performance a few vids back when he broke down in tears doing the roll call on the long list of Covid vaccine-related deaths. All this said, I’m assuming that the Covid quaxxines are even more dangerous than the regular kind in terms of initiating auto-immune disease and will be avoiding them at all costs.


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