Vax purpose

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Mark collates its possible uses.

The vaccine is going to kill us, reduce the population of the planet down to 500,000,000, among the survivors, the ass burger creep pictured above.
The vaccine is going to dumb us down and make us compliant.
The vaccine is going to make us genetically modified organisms.
The vaccine is saline, used to make money for the pharmaceutical industry.
The vaccine, along with the virus, is a hoax, designed to justify totalitarianism, making us show a pass to board an airplane or attend a ball game or church.
The vaccine is a means of inserting tracking mRNA, and so they will know where we are and what we are going at all times.
The vaccine will cross the blood/brain barrier, making scrambled eggs of what brains we have left.

Wither the vax?…

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4 thoughts on “Vax purpose

  1. barbm124

    the majority of the list simply does not work. They have to use some biological material in vaccines to pretend they use a somehow weakend virus in it. That is harder than it sounds. The majority of the cells die so fast in the lab they cannot even take a picture before the proteins disintegrate. Only very few cells like the cancer cells can survive a day or two in the lab and still need special treatment with so called “fetal calf serum”. You better google yourself what it is, you won’t believe me. It’s voodoo pure. Then they kill the cells with antibiotics or by not feeding them any more with that fetal calf serum and call it viral, never looking for and of course never finding any genetic strain of the supposed virus which only exists in the computer model. Yes, all the viruses only exists on paper (the early ones) or as computer programs from so called alignment. The point here is, to cultivate cells in the lab they always need this fetal calf serum which is very expensive. Millions of cows are being grown and killed every year only for this purpose. They need pregnant cows an unborn calves and have to open the cow and the calf without any drugs or the blood will be contaminated and the cell cultures will not accept it. This fetal blood contains all kinds of stuff an unborn body needs to survive. After it is born it only contains what the body needs at the time. That is not enough for cell cultures to survicve. But they the word is already out and people started to talk about this crazy voodoo procedure and the serum is also very expensive (when you google it, you’ll find many companies selling this stuff) and they invented a replacement which is so called mRNA they supposedly inject to make the cells in the living body produce the proteins they call viral and which is their only “prove” of the effectiveness of the vaccines. But it’s only sci fi. Injecting any mRNA won’t change the cells and is as useless as injecting “viral” cells made in the lab. Except it causes side effects they cannot put on the virus. That’s why they only pretend to use mRNA or rotting cells they call viral but the actual active substance is always some additional poison they call amplifier or adjuvant to bypass the strong anti poison laws. Would they inject the vaccine into a vain, which sometimes happens. this small ampules would kill a horse. That’s why sometimes people die immediately after getting vaccinated. Or others have strong reactions after it depending on the amount of the vaccine which got into the blood stream. Injecting any poison will always make the body produce all kinds of enzymes and proteins to get rid of the poison. Then they test for proteins adjusting the tests to required sensitivity and can generate a flu (or corona) outbreak out of thin air. Now they invented this “fast tests” which use some colorant and cost pennies and are sold for dozens of dollars. That’s all what it is all about. To make people believe they can be sick and should get tested. As for now the state pays for all this useless stuff which is lounder of the taxpayers money into their pockets. It’s not complicated is it?

  2. ricky

    Good post xileffilex, I think these observations are important as we won’t have to guess anymore if they’re harmful or not. I also know two people my age, (68) that have been vaxxed. They’re longtime normie friends but have been honest about their reactions. (I’m not militant about trying to change their perspectives so they’re not defensive.) Both reported “flu symptoms” the night of the vax and significant pain in their arm for two days. That doesn’t sound healthy to me. They also get “sick” every year after their “flu shots,” I’ve lived here eleven years now, never get shots and never get sick but that somehow doesn’t make any impression. As an aside, there’s others I know that have been vaxxed whom I wouldn’t trust their reporting honestly, “super believers” that are prideful of their conformity and would regard any adverse reactions as “proof” that it’s “working.”

  3. xileffilex

    I’ve now encountered two guys, circa 50 yrs old who have both had the vaxx and have both felt bad [sick, not embarrassed…] afterwards. So there must be something in it in addition to saline. Has anyone experienced the winter flu vaxx? Does that have similar effects? In the meantime, I’ll steer well clear of taking part in medical trials. I’m just waiting to be shunned now for not taking the vaxx… “Have you had yours yet?”


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