18 thoughts on “Greenscreen Biden

    1. vantassel

      No Biden, just computer generated imagery. All of it. The whole Bingo Bango.

  1. dirtybenny

    This reveal is clearly purposeful. The capabilities of AI and the enemy are far beyond this little joke of a sideshow. This reminds me of the Bruce Jenner transgender circus, a psyop to convince the public that they can easily recognize the androgyne. They cannot and do not.

    This is likely a little exercise to convince the masses that they can notice when a CGI trick is being pulled on them. Methinks not.

    1. Unreal

      Agree – this is greenscreen on purpose. And the all CGI alternative* (by vantassel) is possible too.

      More than the technology in use, it is worthwhile to notice how we today are meant to be aware of this type of CGI fakery and we might now get a more mainstream “All is Fake” movement reminiscent of Qanon or FE movement.

      Best way to control the opposition is still to lead it, and right now we might be in the early stages where “deepfakes” are getting popularized by controlled pundits.

      In order to raise debate and interest you need to create polemics. The Biden greenscreen video therefore match well with controlled opposition fodder – food for controlled clowns and social media retweeting.
      —* guess most are familiar with “thispersondoesnotexist” by now – a website that uses Nvidia’s AI tool named GAN – Generative Adversarial Network. The website generates a new CGI face each time it is reloaded.www.thispersondoesnotexist.com

      1. willard

        @unreal-any thoughts on the demise of Alan Watt? Watt was a fellow with great insight but I never heard him mention fakery in the 16+ years of listening to him.

        1. Unreal

          Hi Willard

          Alan Watt was among the early Truthers and came disguised with a hat, a beard, a dog and a Canadian accent. Sort of.

          Enjoyed Alan Watt regardless of his role, he was around a long time being incredibly timely and abundant in his contributions.

          As i’ve outlined in several articles on allunreal.com – 99% of the conspiracy scene is intelligence controlled and surely Watt knew his job well and still went about it in an mostly inoffensive manner.

          Much like Chris Kendall i’m of the opinion Watt was at the end of his mission. The rather quiet departure of Watt might be more worrisome than the overly scripted sudden death of Kendall.

          Maybe Watt had reached an age where health actually become an issue and that he really encountered medical issues – possibly serious. Let’s neverheless hope* he’s merely retired and still around.

          * i’ve not researched anything around Watt or his death, i just don’t think he lived in Canada nor repaired cars to get by

      2. vantassel

        Hey Unreal…Ive been revisiting your audios from a few years ago and it’s some of the most interesting to come out of Fakeologist. I’d love to hear some new stuff from you! All the best.

        1. Unreal

          Hey Vantassel – thanks for the appraisal.

          For new stuff, i guess Ab invites guests according to the current Covaids crisis at the moment as he covers little else. My material still is on my blog though and also here on the FAK Forums – now even on forums V2, lol.

          Guess your screen name is more about mocking UFO contactee Van Tassel than anything else?

          1. vantassel

            Not mocking…I used love all that stuff when I was a kid, and George was a kind of hero and The Integratron just fascinated me.

          2. Unreal

            Get it !

            Childhood memories and passion is all good to take along the ride. Also had passion for alternative theories as a teen reading up on the “father” of ancient aliens Erich Von Däniken,,,

            Erich von Däniken still going strong at 80+
            (here amidst fellow crooks Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Hatcher Childress & William Henry)


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