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You want a lockdown? Try a voluntary one

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The mayor of Criciúma (a city in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina) has found a cure for lockdown devotees:

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Summary of the audio:
Many have asked me lately if I intend to declare a lockdown.
I have been saying, not if I can help it.
But you could allow essential activities, proponents say.
No, I say, all activities are essential. If you adopt adequate safety measures, there is no need for lockdown. We all need to continue working.
However, many people in the civil service keep telling me I have to declare a lockdown.
So, in response to their insistent pleas, I have decided to declare a lockdown.
Look: I am signing the municipal executive order now.
It´s executive order number 539. Hereby made public.
“Lockdown in the city of Criciúma”.
But there is one detail: it’s lockdown without remuneration.
If you don´t want to come to work, that´s all right.
If you want to protect yourself, great.
You may stay home, but you will not receive wages.
It´s easy to demand a lockdown when your fridge is full and your wages are guaranteed.
So, I am hereby declaring a voluntary lockdown.
Let´s get back to work, folks. It´s much better.

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Fauci & The Communists

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Forget health: the phony virus preying on people’s health paradigm ignorance is the smokescreen to Chinify the Five Eyes.

It’s been a year now: this should be more obvious to more people.

If it isn’t, then you will be in year 3, 4, or 5+.



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The new domestic terrorist

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Does Bundy seem like a terrorist to you? He doesn’t even raise his voice. If you’re against the Covidian takeover then you are by default a terrorist.

The Covidians have suspended the constitutions everywhere.

This is how they will Chinafy the Five Eyes.

Only a few brave souls like Bundy testing the waters have revealed this.

The Covidians did not announce this.

These are dangerous times.

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