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Soros:killing the USA consumption engine · Fakeotube – by Bing

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The Great Reset is has been planned forever. Breaking the USA involves changing everything about it, including how its post industrial society sustains itself.


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They’re coming for all of us

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Dr. Anne McCloskey, a general practitioner from Derry, issued a stunning rebuke of global medical tyranny in a video released by the Freedom Alliance Island of Ireland.

“Across this island and across the world, there are millions of people who are awakening to the understanding that this current health crisis, this so-called ‘pandemic,’ is a trojan horse, which has been used to introduce a new era for humanity,” Dr. McCloskey says at the opening of her statement.


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See why 200,000 in Ontario love being Covidians

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Each has at least $100,000 reasons to help sell the new religion.

Ontario has released its 2020 Sunshine List of public sector employees who made more than $100,000 over the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic adding thousands working in health care and school sectors to the list of top earners in the province.


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