FAC862-Sunday big one

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Big crowd, including Rick and Rollo, Prescient, Didi

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2 thoughts on “FAC862-Sunday big one

  1. larkascending

    Dr. Fustercluck is so interesting, I could listen to him for hours – what a brilliant life style. Hope he carries on living the dream.

    I fail to see how you can draw any comparison with your lifestyle John lebon.

    Rick and Rollo – excellent comedy with the sharp-witted, sardonic Rick and a hapless Rollo. More of this please!

    The rest…meh.

  2. John le Bon

    I’m 7 hours, 30 minutes into this marathon chat. It has been surprisingly enjoyable, right the way through. I had two long bus rides to kill some time today, and this chat kept me company the whole way.

    Rick and Rollo are always good value so long as Rollo isn’t too drunk. On this occasion, he was in fine form. If only he could front up like that every Saturday. The difference between regular Rollo and rotten drunk Rollo is like chalk and cheese. This FAC is a perfect example: the first hour or so (and even later on when Rollo returns) is good radio, because Rollo is in check.

    The chat between thew British fellow and Didi (?) was a pleasant listen. At points I almost felt voyeuristic, seemed like I was listening to a dinner date, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Dr CF had plenty of interesting things to say about his time with Chris Kendall, thanks largely to the British fellow’s questions (and his willingness to politely ask Rollo to pipe down and let Dr CF speak, which was a smart move). The part about the nomad / van-life concept was also an interesting, especially for somebody like myself who has spent two years (and counting) living a nomadic life.

    The Fakeologist e-community has gone to a new level so far in 2021. I’ve been critical of some of the down periods (such as the wave of realologists who flooded the place 12 months ago or so) but I am also this place’s biggest fan when things are going well. Lately, in my opinion, this place is going very well indeed.

    If I had to be critical, I’d suggest that perhaps an eight-hour audio is a little on the long side, in terms of file size. Perhaps splitting it into two separate four-hour files might make it easier to navigate. Then again, Ab’s a busy man, so I understand if he just cbf messing around with file splitting.

    Anyhow, thanks to all of the participants, and of course to Ab for facilitating these chats. Cheers.


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