Double your stupidy

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I like sugar as much as the next addict, but getting rewarded for taking poison with more poison is stupid squared.

In a normal world, I’d say this is fake, but in 2021, I’m sure it’s true.

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5 thoughts on “Double your stupidy

  1. dirtybenny…

    One must wonder about the mechanics of how this happens. A CEO at Krispy Kreme presents this idea to the Board of Directors about potentially giving away hundreds of thousands of free donuts to customers at a profit loss. Why? To insure medical vaccinations to the public…. I propose that most models we have for this observed decision-making and behaviour fail.

    The infrastructure of the parasite in this realm to incite conflict and fear is pervasive. A company such as this already has the metrics in advance to know the public response and potential opposition. So they admit it’s a “highly personal decision”…and still get involved as a DONUT company with carrots and sticks to stir the pot. More doublespeak in plain sight. Notice what they do, not what they say.

  2. Unreal

    Quietly bemused by cops and unhealthy parts of the population ingesting more sugar, i did forget about the double meaning that will humour insiders from the rather straight forward wordplay inserted in this provaccination stunt – Do Not. So basically do not* get the donot.

    Doughnut – Do Not (phonetic anagram)

    * the choice of “Jane Dough” and spelling the American Donut as Doughnut further empasize how the wordplay is intentionally ill intended

  3. xileffilex

    This is disgusting. The “freedom pass” to obesity and earlier death. Gates must be wetting himself.


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