Stage 4 Cancer

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Interesting that we’re in Stage 4 – 2020 was Stage 3.

  1. Demoralization: Done through 15-20 years to subvert a generation through moral influence of propaganda inside areas where public opinion is shaped (i.e., religion, education, social life, labor, and employment relations etc.).
  2. Destabilization: Done through severing ties to national or internal characteristics of a society. Produced through individuals influencing economy, media, and law and order. Essentially the fractionating of a society based on demoralization (e.g., radicalization).
  3. Crisis: Comes from an impactful or disastrous situation that divides a nation or society based on fault lines creating panic.
  4. Normalization: Is an acceptance of individuals – predominantly through soft power, but can be done through hard power (e.g., violence) – to submit to the ideals of government as a protector and to accept the changes of law for a collective understanding.

Source: Who was Tomas Schuman and why was he Important? – Foreign Policy News

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5 thoughts on “Stage 4 Cancer

  1. napoleon

    also youtubes policy of banning any medical misinformation gives accredited part time shills , reasons to skirt around covaids or maybe ignore it for more lucrative topics (yes thats you) fag

    so use the tools you got interact with fakeologist. frank. unreal .rachel and xulk, many more there not monsters , contemplate why some of the voices that you heard at the start of your rabbit hole are no longer audible , discuss the things that are the new normal explain absudities ergo making them not normal

    some folks cant object because of their jobs ,teachers jump to mind and some now only post with pseudonyms but even the removal of you for wrong think hasnt started yet ( when it does it will be christski (chris sky) thats first up on the cross
    oh and if youve never heard your favourite truther on fakeologist theres a clue in its self

    1. Unreal

      On Discord, FAK member Rachel suggests (to my understanding) that Alan Watt has come to the end of his role as society currently appears to come out of the third “Crisis” stage of the four steps of subversion cited in this post above (theory by former KGB officer Tomas Schuman aka Yuri Bezmenov).

      Rachel’s point is that we currently are well on our way into the forth phase of “normalization” where we will “yield to big brother” – Watt’s role was to warn us about the current takeover and new world order. With Corona we seem to be in the “normalisation” phase four where the battle is over and Watt’s warnings becomes superfluous.

    1. napoleon

      hahah fucking awesome video ive been in an abusive relationship with the government ,is that why they want allthemoney(alimony)

      i prefer shill demoralisation for instance ab goes live and noones about (shame on you lot) ,wether its fags not reposting clearly good research ( xulks work on gamma is second to none x) cos of whatever reasons ,or freindly voices that never read the blog but maintain an air of naivety lets call them discordians or ones shat their pants cos reality isnt condusive to the image they have of themselves ,

      probably why a lot of reasonable voices are gone from the upper echelon of citizen journalism the plans now can be easily deployed by anyone in the know .
      now is alan watt controlled ,yes he never read out anything of his own writing (please correct me if you will)he just read what was going to happen (the plan) did he know he was controlled probably(hes aware that he was reading a blueprint out aloud) , would it have changed his views maybe he probably did what any intelligent man would have done and expected you to read on and draw your own conclusions , was he a full on jesuit double agent that gives truth with the fundamental belief that the words will pave the way for the coming age , i dont think so but 4 hours a week for a year or so in the teens was enough for me make the descision that honest or not the message when not being obvious to the average joe was acclimating me to read the book(never read a book) follow the path of the next wave of human engineering ,

      (you see the road runs out at a certain point) and pointing fingers is easy and acceptable for some, but for others its just an easy way to disrupt ,
      at the risk of repeating myself since we got a lot more interactive the level of agents has dropped to that of replacement teachers ,and the truthers with a fine back catalogue of thinking live on air ergo able to replicated by an avid listener and implemented in any situation like chris ,john adams , alan watt i reckon theres loads have all gone , fancy that the people who are intelligent enough to empathise and agree are gone ,purposefully yes ,nefariously god knows , but nevertheless gone

      alan was amazing and his message made it into my mind ,but really was it his message ? no his message was turn off your t.v. and pay attention to the real world after all if peoples interest were natural there would be no need for a garden path to be led down,

      the age of demoralisation has become interactive . magentatainment

      now Mr fakeologist has clearly shown the houseclowns ( insert your name here) that he aint getting demoralised,infact this badass went delivering signs
      good on you


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