Good news if true

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If this story is true, it appears those over 80 aren’t ready to leave this world yet.

A little under three-quarters of Ontarians age 80 and older have either been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have signed up for a shot, a proportion that has some health experts say is not high enough.

Source: Nearly 200,000 Ontarians aged 80 and older have not signed up for a COVID-19 vaccination | CBC News

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1 thought on “Good news if true

  1. xileffilex

    …described there as “upsetting” that these over 80’s aren’t getting vaxxed in sufficient numbers because that’s going to prevent us ** returning to “some kind of normal”.
    ** not them, i.e. the old and sick who certainly won’t be jetting off to second homes in the sun, going to ball games or open air rock concerts.
    This is an insane world.

    In the old days, the TV stations would always buttonhole ordinary people in the street for their opinion on a contentious subject. I bet this time they won’t be giving air time to anyone who is hostile to the experimental jab in the interests of “balance”.


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