Burning money

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I never did understand the ventilator story from last year, and how they could sell it.

It’s clear that money is becoming worthless when the government literally just spends it for nothing, likely enriching its allies.

Health Minister Patricia Hajdu’s department paid more than $700 million for pandemic ventilators it didn’t need, MPs were told yesterday. Ninety-eight percent of costly devices delivered under rush orders through sole-sourced contracts were warehoused: “It’s come to light that we do need less.”


The debt shoots up and so does unemployment.

This won’t end well.

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3 thoughts on “Burning money

  1. xileffilex

    They probably weren’t even physical ventilators – more like ventilator futures. [like most of the tradeable silver in existence]. Another psy-op to sell the pandemic, like people falling over in the street in Wuhan or the fake pop-up hospitals and morgues. Job done.

  2. barbm124

    there is more where this comes from you know. That’s exactly the trick. They make the governments buy all this useless stuff and then the governments try to force the citizens to buy it back. If we wont doesn’t actually matter. The money is already gone. The masks and tests costs pennies in mass production and are sold for dollars. That’s 100 times the manufacturing costs. Best business ever. Some politicians were in it from the beginning. As I said, the money is gone, all we can do now is to follow the money and get them politicians by the balls.


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