Gorgeous truth

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It appears they are going to harass the nursing and medical staff right out of the profession… and replace them with who, if anybody.

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1 thought on “Gorgeous truth

  1. xileffilex

    She makes great points. The treatment of the elderly and sick is wicked and I’m sure all our politicians have parents and they don’t appear to give a fig about them. This is how we’re going to end up. sooner or later.

    A UK man has analysed the official govt data himself and has shown that the chance of under 60s dying “with covid” [usual caveats….] when there is no other condition on the death certificate, is half the chance of dying in a car wreck. And we can see where this insanity of MILLIONS of tests being done per day is goingi to go. The same study showed no difference between the ratio of the “positive tests” to tests performed is unchanged between July 2020 and March 2021. But the media and the government will only focus on absolute numbers. Your lockdown in perpetuity.


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