Nuclear tales (of woe)

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Nuclear stories are like soap operas. They go nowhere over decades.

Here’s a story that continues the saga about the eyesore that I live near.

My favorite line: there’s 380 (11) and that’s just too many to count. They need predictive models (think COVAIDS) to guess the condition of sed rods. COMPLETE FICTION.

Notice no names, just commenting corporations. Who knew corporations could speak?

I wonder if, and it’s a big if, humanity wakes up to the covaids lie, they’ll look for other biggies.

Unlikely, since the nuclear lie is well over 100 years old.


OPG can’t inspect all 380 tubes in each reactor – there’s simply too many. Instead, it feeds data from the small number of inspected tubes into mathematical models used to predict how long the rest can safely remain in service. (More than two-thirds of tubes will never be inspected.) One model predicts how quickly tubes will accumulate deuterium. Others estimate how much they will weaken as they accumulate deuterium, and are known as material fracture toughness models.

Source: Canada’s nuclear regulator overlooked dubious data when renewing Pickering plant’s licence, documents show – The Globe and Mail

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