Sam explores COVAIDS wiki entry

like this

It’s a self referential, media soaked pack of intelligence written lies.

What else did you expect?

Source: Wiki Wonka and the Covid-19 Factory ? · Fakeotube – by Bing

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1 thought on “Sam explores COVAIDS wiki entry

  1. xileffilex

    Of course, we can all edit or write Wiki articles ourselves and choose references to cite. But I’d say that any controversial subject will be heavily gatekept/reverted by the online military psychological ops brigades. Or perhaps even by some of the 7000, many home working, employees of the UK Government Cabinet Office, which seems to be running the country now. One of its main purposes being
    to support the design* and implementation of HM Government’s policies ** and the Prime Minister’s ** priorities
    * or rather to design the policies themselves for rubber-stamping by supine government
    ** i.e. those of the World Health Organisation, the UN the Trilateral Commission, and the World Economic Forum.


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