The Cult of Covidia

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I’ll read this whole article tonight.

Rappaport is in the cutting edge of deconstructing this occult ritual that will initiate the OWR (one world religion).

Readers who have been with me the past year know I’ve dismantled every piece of the official COVID narrative. Factually. Scientifically.

I knew from 30 years of experience—investigating HIV/AIDS, West Nile, SARS1, Swine Flu, and Zika—what to look for in the fake COVID science.

The COVID narrative as an occult work of art…

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2 thoughts on “The Cult of Covidia

  1. peetiro

    Rappaport has really knocked it out of the park with this one. This mass occult initiation has been shockingly successful, and nothing seems to have filled the spiritual void in the lives of normies like Covidianity. Hopefully we can maintain a critical mass of heathens (luke-warm, half-believers included) otherwise, history shows things can get ugly pretty quickly.

  2. dirtybenny

    Excellent model for what may really be going on with this spell.
    I think the background for JR’s perspective on this was his series of mind-altering interviews with hypnotist, Jack True, an interesting moniker.
    These certainly challenged my thinking a few years back and intend to revisit them again in the future. Other fakeologists might find them interesting as well.…


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