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Getting closer to Chauncey Gardener

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Trump was brought in to inflame the left/right divide.

Biden is in to accelerate the decline in faith in elected officials even more.

I can’t stop thinking of Peter Sellers’ penultimate performance in Being There.

Biden’s first press conference.

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10 year take down

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We’re in year 2 of the destruction of all small business.

Part of the torture is not to let the plan out.

This children gym business has hung on to empty, planned promises for a year.

Now he’s half a mil in debt, likely via his house, which he’ll lose in the debt for property swap – which is part of the plan to make a nation of dependents.

When the pandemic started last March, Walkinshaw shut down and laid off staff. He initially thought it would just be for a few weeks. Then a few months. Still closed now, he said he’s taken on half a million dollars in debt he didn’t have a year ago.


This reporter can’t figure out why our fiscally conservative government has no plans to get out annual budget deficits, and pile on an impossible to repay debt.

What’s going to have fiscal conservatives shuddering in their spreadsheets about the new Ontario budget: the many years of red ink, forecast until a time when the pandemic ought to be far in the rearview mirror.

If a blogger can read the internet tea leaves about what’s happening, it’s sad that others can’t or refuse to look.

The massive debt will be swapped for selling of the corporation of Canada’s assets – ie. your person. You know, the one you have a birth certificate for.

This Great Reset will take some time to sink in for some.

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It’s those Sabbatean Franks again

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Is this death cult hiding behind the Jewish faith?

Either way, the world is falling under their Covidian spell.

The satanic plague devouring humanity originated with the Sabbatean-Frankist cult, a Satanic Jewish movement based on the Cabala that absorbed half the Jews of Europe in the 17th/18th Century. They were chameleons. Pretending to convert, these Satanist Jews infiltrated and subverted all important religions, organizations and governments. They are the progenitors of the Illuminati, Zionism, Communism, Fascism and they control Freemasonry. The NWO is their goal. In 1988, Rabbi Gunther Plaut described Illuminati founder Jacob Frank in these terms, and implied that the Nazis were a Sabbatean-Frankist creation.


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