Some experimental biologic injection results

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Take these results with a grain of salt – but once again, I’ve read nothing positive besides 0;allowing people to travel” from taking this poison.

I’ll stay home of it means I can stay alive.

At least, that’s what appears to be the case with regards to the consequences of the mass application of the not-vaccine in Israel:

Vaccination is anti-Semitic…

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1 thought on “Some experimental biologic injection results

  1. xileffilex

    The carrot of freedom to travel is a trap – a digital proof of quaxxing is a first step towards the creation of the digital identity.

    A fascinating thread from twitter from Sikh for Truth
    No biological risk score data? Then no access, a digital lockdown awaits.
    March 26 2021……
    As one of the links in the above thread shows, the UK government is already running a digital identity trial – one log in for all government services [upon which we will be forced to become more and more dependent, the model in process for the useless animals on the farm]…
    March 22 2021


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