Vernon Coleman responds to Frei

likes this

Vernon does not like being called controlled opposition or a quaxxine alarmist.

Here’s his own video platform.

One curiosity above all others tells us for certain that covid-19 is the biggest hoax in history, a monumental fraud, a coup perpetrated by conspiracy practitioners whose aims are to win power and money over everyone, everywhere.

Source: Fighting for Our Lives – We Must Unite | Dr Vernon Coleman

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1 thought on “Vernon Coleman responds to Frei

  1. peetiro

    I like Vern, but is he protesting too much here?

    Ice Age Farmer does a pretty good breakdown of Bossche, and how many points in the Bossche letter push the next phase of the agenda – asymptomatic spread of killer variants to vaxxed and unvaxxed alike, the need for non-mRNA vaccine interventions, and the possibility of zoonotic spread, necessitating large scale culling of livestock.…


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