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FAK280-Jungle Jim

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Longtime/first time caller/donor Jungle Jim from Arizona!

Thanks for the Monero donation March 26 for 0.1 monero – whoever sent it let me know if you wish!

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Boomers got the vax ? · Fakeotube

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The Great Reset will clear out the Boomers, first by cutting them from health care and then by confiscating their wealth. Communists are ruthless.

SNL finally nailed it.


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We’re in a 5GW war with China, and we’re losing

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Not cellular frequencies.

As an example… first, the Chinese immigrated to the country I was assigned. Over time, this built a small base of support to operate. Then the “businessmen”, criminals, and intel started operating. Chinese organized crime had the country divided into operating sectors. Human trafficking, theft, smuggling, indentured servitude, probably drugs were some of their operations. One tactic they used was to buy small “mom and pop” shops. Then use those shops to sell the stolen merchandise (food, household goods, etc…) they were using local proxies to steal from warehouses and trucks, profits fund their operations. These stores are in almost every small town/city and were used as little intel hubs…

Mailvox: the southern front voxday.blogspot.com/2021/03/ma…

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Just Watch Me Travel – They say don’t travel. We say #JustWatchMe

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History is repeated until the lessons are learned.

We have been here before. In Canada, our civil liberties were suspended by Pierre Elliot Trudeau in October, 1970

Our government has historically invoked violence, oppression and the removal of civil liberties to maintain power and control. Most fail to remember or recognize the removal of rights as these events are typically marketed as “for your own safety” or “in the best interest of the people”. The end result is always the stripping of our civil liberties.

Governments never fully restore rights we surrender.


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Medium Chris Sky interview

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Canada’s Alex Jones Chris Sky does a good job laying out the game plan.

The energy in the studio was electric when two powerhouses Chris Sky and Kerry Lee Crawford finally had a chance to meet on Friday, March 26th, 2021.


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Umbrella Operation Chaos continues

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Culture creators, like all builders, often prefer to blow everything up (9/11) before rebuilding.

Bye bye Beethoven.

Beethoven is a giant of European culture. Removing his work in favour of ‘African Diasporic Music’ is yet another attack on our culture by those who hate it.

Rap don’t do dat:

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Photoshop Obama fail

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C’mon Mi6 put in some effort.

I still contend that Obama was one of hundreds of CIA babies grown annually and purposely as influencers. Go to the people gamete bank, rent a womb, insta politician.

The Africa story is just lame.

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