FAK281-Human Vibration

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We have the lovely Human Vibration tonite.

We riff for a couple of hours and don’t even get to her space presentation – we’ll be back another time with her for sure!


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4 thoughts on “FAK281-Human Vibration

  1. Unreal

    Enjoyable podcast. Ab is a very skilled host and Human Vibration / Jay Kay proved an interesting guest*.

    During the show there was a brief mention of “Birds Aren’t Real” which assumably referes to the successful social media campaign by Peter McIndoe.

    Birds Aren’t Real

    It seems quite obvious that the Elite are using appeal to ridicule in a big way to reinforce the incredulity and render common people’s imagination impermeable to the numerous big lies that gouvern our lives. The overuse of the word “fake” also helps, and former president Donald (another Disney character) largely helped establish that meme* himself.

    The choice of an animal as an unmistakeable fact only idiots would second guess is an interesting detail, especially as there are several animals that skeptics absolutely should suspect and investigate seriously for fraud. Most of all we might benefit from looking closely at “missing link” and evolution milestone animals. Just like sky and space, not even the animal kigdom nor natural phenomena are left alone by our betters.

    Animal Species Hoax FAK forum ), Animal Anomaly article ), The Vicious Veil article ), False Hope article ), Shooting Teddybears article ), Bears Fear Well article )

    * Human Vibration’s Disney Space representation, any link or reference for that material ?
    * the accronym for “fake” is FK, and clearly the reason to use the FK meme for the “Can I Die” Kennedy brothers

  2. RezMuttJeff

    Looking forward to the space presentation on a future chat, a lot to unpack there I think.

  3. John le Bon

    This was a terrific chat, thanks to both Ab and HV for two hours of thought-provoking conversation.

    Probably in the top 10 best FAK calls of all time, up there with the Rae West interviews, the Jonathan Isbit interview, the call with the JR Fakeologists last year, the one with Calcified Lies back in the day (117 iirc), 230 with Lynn, the Jesse Waugh episode, and so on.


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