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Great patriot talks to Ab.



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1 thought on “FAK282-Grizzly Patriot

  1. YouCanCallMeAl

    Great call – Grizzly Patriot knows his stuff, and it sounds like he’s trying to do something on the ground. Interesting to hear about the political side of things. Does one have to be ‘in the game’ to win the masses to a cause though?

    I think I agree with something you said at the beginning Ab – that this is a war of Individuals Vs Collectivists. When you’re ‘in the game’ I think this means you are a collectivist. Even if you are fighting the good fight, you are trying to get ‘the masses’ to your point of view – that is the game.

    To my mind, any solutions that assume the game is a valid one, is flawed. That the way to win the game is not to play. If there’s something to be done, its to encourage people to take autonomy for themselves, and a key way to do that is to not accept knowledge that you do not verify with your own senses. No trusting of media organisations, educational systems, conventional wisdom. One’s understanding has to be based on what one’s personal experiences.


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