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I commiserate with Monero donor Walker on the sad state of Covidian controlled Ontario.

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More Human Vibration

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The sweet Human Vibration is the only lovely voice on her podcast.

Episode 01: The Big Boss


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Welcome to Real Eyes Radio Episode 01: The Big Boss This episode serves as a jumping off point for us all. It’s raw, real, a bit unsteady but full of enthusiasm, everything a great first step should be as we share our individual insights and shine our inner light on everything from the “Evil Overlords” who seem to control our waking lives, to the False Idols who are set in place to shape our dreams, ending with the importance of seeking out and appreciating what’s REAL within this realm. Follow us on twitter to discover more: Real Eyes Radio @RealEyes_Radio Human Vibration @humanvibration Rambo @Seekthetruth101 Murph @ninjasniperpon1 Music by AYZ @Ayz Others mentioned in this episode: Brother Berg @extracapsa Chrispiracy Podcast @chrisxmatt Homewrecker Podcast @HomewreckerPod Thank you to *THE UNIVERSE* for sponsoring our first episode, and a major shoutout to the crew at The Black Pill Podcast @blackpillradio_ for helping us get up off the ground.

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We’ve only past the first quarter

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Death by injection is just gathering steam.

Upon reviewing the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Diverge Media discovered that over 40% of deaths reported to the system since the year 2000 have occurred in 2021 – 40.79% to be exact. We found the data by selecting the year died under section 1 and under event characteristics we selected death.


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