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Start close to home to stop evil

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Defytyrants.com ‘s central thesis is to derail an evil freight train only one piece of track needs to be removed.

This is what the interposition of lesser magistrates means.

This is such a small, powerful tool it’s no wonder it’s overlooked.

The task to stop the worldwide runaway train seems awesome.

It has to start with one man.

Will it be you?

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Tyranny house is built one plank at a time

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Matt crossed over and touched the third rail of speech.

The controlled opposition is well scripted who twist the narrative no matter what is said into hate speech, to deceive the ignorant masses.

You have to be prepared for the carefully constructed controlled opposition JCC, ADL, SPLC.

They craft trigger words and phrases that will sink truth ships right in their ports.

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FAC877-Ab, Jan Erik, Prescient

Be the 1st to vote.

I explain who and what is behind the green agenda climate change hoax.
I listened to the noagenda show’s climate change hoax clips and got inspired.

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