FAC878-Rick and Rollo

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6 thoughts on “FAC878-Rick and Rollo

  1. dirtybenny

    Oh goodness, I hope this is not an EGI disclosure and part of the new normal.

    Ab announces during the chat, ” I might look better as a woman.” That’s one hell of an audio drop to capture.

    Say it ain’t so.

  2. larkascending

    Regarding Clare Torry – amazing voice. I watched the same documentary as Rollo. She was asked to listen to one of the tracks a couple of times, told it was about life and death and that she must put her own interpretation of it into her singing. She did it perfectly didn’t she.

    I went to see Roger Water’s Us and Them concert two years ago and he did The Great Gig in the Sky live with two female singers from the Lucius band (interesting name) called Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe. They were ok but it was, obviously, not a patch on Clare’s rendition.

    Last year Roger had a tour planned called ‘This is not a drill’, which was cancelled/delayed. Now why would he call it that? I can only assume, with continued disappointment, that he’s just another insider. A few searches showed him speaking of this like it was real. No more heroes for me. I loved Roger for many years and still rate his album ‘Amused to Death’ as my favourite of all time. Masks fall off over time.

    *edit – forgot to mention, at the Us and Them tour, Roger was pushing the ‘Trump is a pig’ meme complete with flying pigs. The light show was brilliant and ended with a pyramid. In your damned face. Shame.

  3. larkascending

    That preacher is amazing – rousing, thought provoking and energising which, I believe, is how a sermon should make you feel. It’s looking like even the majority of churches have sold out, very sad.

    Manly P. Hall wrote a book called Old Testament Wisdom: Keys to Bible interpretation that you mind find interesting. I believe the bible’s been corrupted along with the rest of history but I’ll be checking this book out in case it sheds any light on things.


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