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Ontario Public Hellth – Covaids Advisory Board – Fakeologist Forums

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Peetiro uses the forums. You should too.

A couple of articles of interest regarding the Dalla Lana School of Public Hellth out of the University of Toronto and the ghouls influencing the disastrous Covaids policy grinding Ontario into the ground.


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Meet your captors Ontario

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Dr Lawrence C. Loh, the third Horseman of the Dalla Lana’s apocalyptic Great Reset riders is continuing the same unscientific rule by bureaucrat as his fellows David Fisman and Eileen De Villa. Our three authoritarian amigo’s of share much besides their Alma Mater and complete lack of respect for science. They have all been wrong in every prediction they made in the last year, they all advocate for policies either not backed by or outright contradicted by science.


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Obey God not man

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This is not a religious blog but…

… It will be righteous religious men that can counter this covidian cult.

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When the state commands that which God forbids

Or forbids that which God commands

We have the duty to obey God rather than man

The best argument against this tyranny you’ll ever find.

Remember God is Supreme in the land of laws of Canada and the USA.

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