2 thoughts on “The Council on Foreign Relations is the EVIL HEART of the Deep State 

  1. ricky

    I’m grateful for all the great commentary on the blog such as yours’ xiffililex, as well as all the wonderful posts Ab relentlessly adds to the website, add to that the terrific chats that I download religiously and hear kindred spirits sharing their experiences living day to day in this insane reality. I started noticing the population becoming dumbed-down in an accelerated fashion in the 90s, I was observing a specific focus group, surfers. When I started surfing, surfers were the most counter-culture free thinkers around, (mid- sixties,) bailing on the draft, 9 to 5 careers and rejecting the “American Dream,” as to what it really was, slavery. By the 90s, with the advent of “pro surfing,” marketing the “lifestyle,” and creating “heroes” that promote consumerism, it created a “new” surf culture of obedient consumers. I didn’t understand at the time why creating generations of morons would enable our controllers to steer society in any direction they chose, now I get it. There’s no chance of a “wakeup” by the masses, they’ve been irreversibly trained.

  2. xileffilex

    Great series. The leader of the UK opposition Labour party is a member of the Trilateral Commission and wanted to lock up harder and longer than the government. As are two of Blair’s side-kicks, Mandelson and Miliband.

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