1 thought on “Crime Sinister lets us know this won’t end

  1. xileffilex

    Apparently, according to the Turdeau crook

    The UK….is facing a very serious third wave…

    Aside from the fact that the UK and other countries are running out of susceptible people whose lives can be brought to a premature close **, the only evidence of a “third wave” is in the latest modelling exericise from Ferguson and his Imperial College criminal cabal

    The current roadmap out of lockdown for England could lead to an extra 15,700 deaths by next summer, according to Imperial’s latest modelling.

    Estimates from the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team suggest that vaccination alone will not be sufficient to keep the epidemic under control due to eligibility, vaccine hesitancy, and the high transmissibility of the circulating variant.

    Professor Neil Ferguson, from the School of Public Health, said: “Our modelling suggests there will be another epidemic wave as we progress through the roadmap out of lockdown.

    “The magnitude of this wave is uncertain but should be lower than the previous ones, as long as the vaccine roll-out continues at high pace, with high uptake, and without immune escape variants.”

    The team use many datasets including data on positive cases, hospitalisations and deaths **, and serology tests which look for antibodies in the blood.

    **Deaths in hospitals and care homes from all causes are well below average rates in 2021.

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