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  1. dirtybenny

    Anyone who believes that Event 201 is what it is presented as is naive.

    This enemy never overtly reveals its battleplan, let alone in a one day simulation exercise, easily accessible to every conspiracy theorist out there. This was and is meant to be seen, as it is misdirection and deception, by an enemy who specializes in this.

    1. larkascending

      Hi Benny,

      It was pretty much the same MO as the London ‘bombings’. That was completely spelled out. Some say it’s the revelation of the method and/or the practice of absolving themselves of any blame (because by tacit consent we’ve accepted it). These are just theories though. Why do you think they do it?

  2. Vespadouglas

    One of the big questions for me is why did they give up the opportunity to use three separate ( i.e. measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations, in favour of condensing all three into the MMR jab. The single/triple argument simply deflects from the, vaccinations might be bad argument. Classic gatekeeping.

    1. napoleon

      if i was running this plandemic i,d use an imaginary disease sars-cov 2 triggered by coronavirus common cold.
      because anything real could be observed and treated over the long run which is 28 days apparently with already available and tested cures for said disease (is it illegal to make a vaccine for a curable disease)………if yes then it explains the o,s injection and why the pcr was used to perpetuate the contagion myth , as dictaitor or premier would have the knowledge that whats killing their countries old people to start was nothing more than renamed pneumonia and thus the blame falls on noone!! but then you,re raking in money from deaths with covid wether they die from pneumonia or something else.

      same as osama bin laden being a made up character by the elite

        1. napoleon

          yes no doubt , but just as we got masons and houseclowns now talking about star forts and days of old tartaria and new atlantis in thirty years that will be revealed as cern and new particles with traits of arthurian legend and the knights of the round table
          i hope the brothers are ready for anew crusade

    2. xileffilex

      It’s a good question. ***

      No country in the world recommends MMR vaccine to be given as three separate injections…..Single vaccines in place of MMR put children and their families at increased and unnecessary risk. The combined vaccine is safer as it reduces the risk of the children being infected with the diseases whilst waiting for full immunisation cover


      Measles vaccine introduced in the UK 1968, combined into MMR [single dose] 1988, and double dose [where have we heard that recently?] in 1996. Rubella vaccine for girls only from 1970. ***Mumps – no single vaccine before MMR.
      I don’t think anyone will be in a hurry, or get funding, for any studies linking vaccines to anything untoward, including , er, current problems.

      The full paper of Wakefield et al [retracted] is here

      Note reference 17

      Gupta [17] commented on the striking association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and the onset of behavioural symptoms in all the children that he had investigated for regressive autism

      So what was the huge fuss about if Wakefield et al

      did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described.

      The syndrome being chronic enterocolitis and regressive developmental disorder

      It’s a valid question to ask if this is some kind of deep gatekeeping. Nobody has asked any serious questions about this whole episode against the stampeding scientific/medical herd.

  3. xileffilex

    I enjoy these 1 hour monologues – my attention span lol!
    No wonder that Andrew Wakefield was shut down so forcibly after his 1998 paper on the link between vaccines and autism. That Anderson Cooper was sent in to put the final nail in his coffin is proof positive that the original paper with 13 names [many of whom had to distance themselves from it] on it was highly inconvenient for the smooth running future planned events. As if all the current players in the covidian hoax aren’t financially compromised. No chance that Cooper would be interested in that.
    [2 parts]

    background –
    How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed [2011]

    1. Unreal

      When we see a whistleblower in the same picture as Cooper Anderson* we have to be alarmed that something isn’t right. A curious fact from the early investigation of Dr A Wakefield for scientific fraud is his own 1997 patent application for a measles vaccine.


      When we think of the budget and efforts made to have the general population vaccinated, it quite soon becomes clear there isn’t much informed opposition to the actual medical science and research i favour of vaccination. One would hink the pharmaceutical industry would spend millions on controlled opposition at the least, just to have some polarity and synergy to arouse public interest.

      So, looking for controlled opposition to vaccines therefore, one have to wonder if A Wakefiled isn’t just that as we have so little to choose from. Oh, and i heard of Wakefield first on a 2011 podcast with Jan Irvin (here), he didn’t mention he had a vaccine patent back then…

      In the podcast (FAK291) we once again heard an audio clip titled “should you take the needle” which is very good – is this clip or inteview anywhere to be found ? Not sure of the name of the person speaking either, is it “Dr Wonderplanets” interviewed by Ab or Mark Allen ?

      * whenever Anderson Cooper is pictured, its hard not to see the heavy mimicking of 1980s AI TV show host Max Headroom

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