Lombardy problem

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Simon asks:

Dear friends, I think it’s time to ask yourself the following (even if Facebook censors don’t like it): but if both the same ?? Covid virus ?? and the ?? Covid vaccine ?? cause thrombosis, it wouldn’t be possible to do 2 + 2 = 4? Let’s remember the ecatombe of elderly people in Lombardy in the early months of 2020. Well, in the fall / winter of 2019 there was an unprecedented massive flu vaccination campaign (with what was then described as ?? a new type of quadrivalent vaccine ?? ) – just in and around Lombardy. It was then established, when some autopsy (initially prohibited) were finally performed, that these poor people were – mostly – dead of thrombosis. And now, with the new ?? Covid vaccines 0;, we die of thrombosis (and unfortunately, even as young people) around the world – within a few days of inoculation. How is it possible that no one notices this?

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