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  1. napoleon

    in short nolens magic places the hurricane directly up dorothys xxxxxx

    noone ever question what their being shown
    but if you know the tells and tricks which they use its as plain as the silver nose on your face, room 237 needs a maid, ive been qurantining here for years

  2. napoleon

    bowmans dressed as the yellow brick road ,nolans movies all have yellow brick roads in them , pliskin heads into oz with the twin towers mand on and on ,

    anyway ill lose legerdemain when ford gets a buzzcut

          1. napoleon

            muchos gracias
            all wizards get their wand praised, did you see the spacebat dropped into the blackhole, how about the wizard, no, the tinman, Dorothy, toto you got to have seen toto, the waves everyone saw the waves, socialist distancing through time and space, I like you Clarence…

            what would you do with a brain if you had one?
            I do not accept Disney dollars.
            bats in every orofice ,dancing nurse , secret initations, double helix caves climbing out of a new dna hole in china with bacteria carved into walls,
            the mob and police helpless to act, two faced politicians, the batman doest care about borders, a child without fear makes it look easy, holding new york gotham to ransome with human triggers, and on and on all the way to oz
            i told you all wizards get their wand praised
            now it may be a coincidence that nolans trilogy of batman films just by accident covers fear being used as a weapon or that a bat with that doesnt recognise borders or constitutional rules, ill just keep adding winkydinks, joker dressed as a medical professional shuts down the hospitals of gotham, dancing nurses, bat virus, the pit which has bacteria etched into the walls batman climbs out of dressed as a blue cunting mason, a child with no rope umbilical cord)is how to escape the pit of fear , diesel poisoning of a two faced politician , gothamites not allowed to move because of a masked man w.h.o. says anyone of them could be a human trigger, clapping at 2001 gmt, smh, the jaucir dressed as a nurse shut down the mob and the police, so did bane the masked man from wuhan ,the scarecrow strawman used toxins to poison gotham, oh and all three films have hat tips to 2001 space odyssey wizard 1

            whats the fundamental difference between programming and magic .
            magicians do not reveal their tricks ,
            legerdemain sleight of hand, ledgers joker is a literal mirror of the vitriol mason fuckups go through questioning their path )

            he speaks to different masons at crucial points in their journey of the film , after robbing solomons temple with masked strangers (masked health advisors shut down the mon-eye system)incidentally a bank run by red and blue lodges mob money, and the final line before leaving is “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger,” covid sure doesnt kill you

            we see the dipshit in purple (red and blue)enter a lodge kitchen with shining camera nuances all throughout, then he proceeds to force a pencil up a masons nose (how bout a pcr test) they are powerless to stop him why (shithouses) or part of the plan you decide.

            later on we see the embodiment of a good mason with two faces lay in a hospital bed ha h ha , asked to justify the killing of his girlfriend with a flip of a coin ,or choose chaos ,chance etc etc, and choices for the batman

            chris nolan all the time incorporating as much of the artistocrats private jokes as possible , (artistocrat directors are kubrick speilberg lucas gilliam scott nolan carpenter cameron and matt the gullible ape reeves( who made the recent apes movies about losing cash and societal structure to evolved apes from 113 perisol dna change(113 looks like the bitcoin logo) .remember you scare them first so they will bow to whatever you ask ,dont wanna miss another years consumerism(lockdowns xx)

            now you may ask whats the difference between the artistocrats and other directors ,answer is wizard of oz programming ,a signature of the directors prowess and knowledge of whats being programmed

            a child plays with a toy and experiences joy, years later the same imagery causes pain ?? give up ok , the millennium falcon space ship brought joy . sep 11 brought pain they both are visually the same . stand at the base of the twin towers and look up and the towers and panorama make the millenium fall-con (911), c3po ,s job description is human cyborg relations, opec ( oil,producing.european .countries which is c3po backwards controls the worlds oil distiribution, same story . tatooine in star wars becomes tatwin(twin.
            so that should explain a little of what i mean , visual prompting of a bad event via good story,,,,,,,,,same as fairy tails

            the artistocrats are aware of this secret , so thats why the twins in the shining say come and play with us danny, the toy programming from lucas,s i,l,m

            lucas reveals that in the phantom menace (which obviously has numerous covaids and lockdown repercussions strewn through it ) anyway he reveals the toy programming with his carachter watto whos a toy-darian ,ergo jedi mind tricks dont work,

            so when i put legerdemain(joker) in a video it isnt anything to do with culture ,spacebats

  3. xileffilex

    it’s interesting that while some major countries/blocs are Canada is already at the stage of developing the infrastructure
    Bitcoin Failed the Test on Being a Real Currency: BIS
    It’s not when but if with CBDCs. But will an IMF CBDC [SDR] be the one which arrives first?

    Perhaps Bitcoin itself is a tryout by the insiders behind the Satoshi veil.

    1. napoleon

      if bitcoin was fraudulent and controlled by u,s interests ie sillicon valley then i,d hire and train reps to look after properties of mine whilst i.d sit it out in say mexico or sri lanka or wherever
      all the time letting the boys plate spin about crypto currency , christski still makes my batcoins jingle even though hes spot on and speaks the truth


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