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Simple. Effective. Nasty. It might work.

I wouldn’t do this to the  police, but I’d highly recommend it for public health officials.

I would like to propose a new idea to these lockdowns. The police clearly want to force us into shutting down businesses which carries the side effect of not just job loses to the staff but potential bankruptsies for the owners. If the police are hell bent on shutting people down then I suggest banning the police from all businesses.
If you own a convenience store (as an example), put signs on your windows stating, 0;No police allowed”. or, “we don’t serve police”. Ban THEM from shopping in your store.
If the police are ordering food to be delivered to the station then reject their order.

Summer is just around the corner. If they walk into your store to buy a bottle of water, deny them. If they want to walk into a restaurant to buy a sandwich for take out. Deny them.
You’re pushing back WITHOUT the violence. You’re standing up to the real criminals and refusing to serve them while keeping your dignity. Look at how police brutality is demoralizing countless Canadians. Perhaps they need a dose of the same to help alter their atitudes. It won’t take long for this action to take an effect of them. Once they see the people turning on them in non violent ways they will feel the pressure as well. The side effects placed on these cops will be:
Do you happen to have a cop living next door to you? Ignore him/her completely. Don’t look a them, don’t wave at them, don’t offer to help them in any way. Leave them isolated from the rest of the community. You don’t think that will affect them? It will devastate them.
You want to fight back then fight in a way that you can win and have a direct effect on them that won’t get your arrested. There are countless stores/restaurants that refuse service if you are not wearing shoes, wearing a shirt, or smoking. If you feel a threat to your safety from the police then ban them from entering your place of business. I’ve seen countless signs in stores that say, “We have the right to refuse service”. Start refusing to serve the thugs.


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