Mengele’s Disneyworld

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Never in recent history has Big Harma had access to such a big, willing, and dis-abled group of test subjects.

If I was this , I’d have so many test poisons going at once I’d be in data collection heaven.

Sadly, since I do not believe vaccines help in any way, I think they are experimenting with different strengths of poison.

Some will sterilyze, some will trigger autoimmune disorders, some will slow kill, some will fast kill.

When ID2020 is fully up and passporting, your bi annual poison will be customized to you.

That will be a few years off, as the world becomes acclimatized.

Let’s hope a few vax free countries or states will be setup soon, with their own currency and industry, preferably in a warm area.

Otherwise we’re all going down.

Greencrow on forced vax

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