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Off the rural lands now

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The Queen wants you out.

Condition people to get off the land and into cities. Endless COVAIDS and UNDRIP are the tools.

AOC says get your share

likes this

Up to $9000 ($11k if you need a double wide) for a funeral.

Scrapping a life is cheap.

Make sure to go back and edit old death certificates to covaids so you can get your share.

The hospitals won’t mind, as they will get some fiat too.

The fraud is right in the open, most don’t see or care about the end game.

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World medical coup underway

like this

I said this at the start.


Susan also mentions how the Iraq “war” was to take over Mesopotamia, the food source for the planned Greater Israel Project, which itself is part of the NWO plan to eliminate nation states.

Legacy seeds and family farming were brought under patented seeds and corporate Big Agra.

The same is set for India, the scene of the largest protest in the world.

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Canada rising

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Mississauga gym trying to stay open, UNDRIP, lack of faith in Canada, action4canada.com

Check out this video “The Kevin J. Johnston Show” www.twitch.tv/kevinjjohnston/v…

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