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Get your taunts in now

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You won’t be able to touch the technocrats, once they are sworn in to your new one party mega region.

‘Federal internet censors should target hurtful words against politicians, says Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. The Minister added pending regulations may include an internet kill switch to block websites deemed hurtful, but called it a “nuclear” option.


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Home of the weak

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Mel Gibson’s classic film Braveheart has been deemed problematic since William Wallace encourages the Scottish to fight for their freedoms. So, Paramount Pictures announced the new Braveheart: At Home Edition, where the offending scenes have been edited to show the brave freedom fighter encouraging everyone to just “stay home” and “save lives.”


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MISSING: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

likes this

This is not a joke.

Via voxday.blogspot.com/2021/04/yo…

It’s predecessor is still there, and is actually still in force.

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Ontario: meet your witchdoctors

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Don’t blame Ontario Premier Thug Ford: he’s the punching bag delivering the phony science.

Here’s the source of the fraudsters: direct your energy towards this long list of collaborators responsible for ushering in a CCP style communist doctatorship.

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table is a group of scientific experts and health system leaders who evaluate and report on emerging evidence relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, to inform Ontario’s response.


Where there’s a problem, there’s a Rhode’s eugenicist globalist “public health” scholar:

Adalsteinn Brown
DPhil, AB

Dean, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
Senior Fellow, Massey College

Adalsteinn Brown is the Dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. He has worked with decision-makers in Ontario and elsewhere to develop research and capacity development programs in performance measurement, quality improvement, and leadership.

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Only a genocide can save the world

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Eugenicist’s motto.

Sarah Cunial from May 2020 addressing Italian parliament.

Imagining hearing this in Canadian parliament.

Near the conclusion of her remarks Cunial,Eugenicist’s motto.addressing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, implies Gates should face charges, which is likely where this claim stems from,Eugenicist’s motto.stating: “Next time you get a call from the philanthropist Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity…”

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They’re honoring their oath

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Please start a thread listing the police services that are willing to arrest tyrants that are using phony data to terrorize Ontarians. The #defytyrants Fake11.com/defy


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Canada has a Bill of Rights · Fakeotube 

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We had a one term PM back in the 60s who gave Canada a gift – that’s been sitting on the shelf and ignored. It’s actually still in effect – educate and learn what it can do for you.


The Canadian Bill of Rights was the country’s first federal law to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms. It was considered groundbreaking when it was enacted by the government of John Diefenbaker in 1960. But it proved too limited and ineffective, mainly because it applies only to federal statutes and not provincial ones. Many judges regarded it as a mere interpretive aid. The bill was cited in 35 cases between 1960 and 1982; thirty were rejected by the courts. Though it is still in effect, the Bill of Rights was superseded by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982.

Source: Canada has a Bill of Rights · Fakeotube – by Bing

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