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Is North Korea a potemkin village?

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Human Vibration posed the valid question: does anyone actually live in North Korea, and if so, how many? How does their population remain static if their birth rate is below replacement?

The numbers are likely all fabrications.

They even have Propaganda City, itself a potemkin village.

There’s a good chance North Korea was turned into a UN wilding area after the Korean war, and everyone drained out into the south.

There are probably a few controlled places for people to visit, but overall, I think the country is an illusion.



[Real Eyes Radio] Episode 04: Tuned In @humanvibration
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H/t Pete:

Carving out the megaregions

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Covaids mythical numbers are being used to create the mega-regions.

It is NOT a coincidence that the phony numbers are the same in the new regions.

We’re heading LOCKSTEP into America 2050.

Same policies in the future Great Lakes Megaregion. I’m guessing it will be the first created, as it’s the biggest.

The virus knows the plan.


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Getting killed at Kroger’s

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Not sure if this is atrocity propaganda, but it’s insane to let people you don’t know shoot you with a needle full of unknowns at a grocery store without liability.

Russian roulette would be less risky.

My roommate just called me. He was at Kroger buying food. Said they had a place set up where people were offering the vaccine. My roommate watched a man get the jab and sit down, 3 minutes later the man says he can’t breathe and falls over. They gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived but the man was already dead. He’s fucking dead! Less than an hour ago, he was probably buying cookies for his children.

An adverse effect voxday.blogspot.com/2021/04/an…

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Emergency orders for emergency genocide

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Fast or slow kill, only the Queen can authorize this experimental biological injection via her public health henchmen.


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Unmasked tyranny: remove your bra

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Susan is such a thoughtful and beautiful activist. Check out her Channel and support her.

Here is her story about trying to access information in the BC Supreme Court without a mask and being assaulted, kidnapped, and humiliated and thrown into solitary confinement- all within the so-called Halls of Justice. The tyranny is completely out in the open.


Susan’s Site

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