FAC884-Rick and Rollo

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3 thoughts on “FAC884-Rick and Rollo

  1. larkascending

    Large empty fields?

    In this TINY country, we inhabitants are extremely grateful for the few meadows and fields left empty of buildings and Industrial complexes. Fields and meadows where nature survives and flourishes; Where we are allowed to visit, current crap permitting, to enjoy the diverse habitats. I mean, we don’t have vast lands like Australia or America, you know, where you can travel endlessly. We’re pretty much limited. Woods and forests have all been privatised along with stately homes which we minions have to PAY to see. There is NO ‘out there’ we can go to to escape, apart from those ‘empty fields’ so it might be a good idea to consider that limitation when you’re spouting off about things you don’t understand.

  2. larkascending

    Ab asked for the truth – you need a different moderator. I suggest purpleplay. I can elaborate if you want.

  3. larkascending

    @ 02.00.00 – regarding the medical profession. Does the word ‘doctor’ come from ‘indoctrination’? Feels like it does.

    A personal anecdote: I had to contact my surgery this week due to feeling very ill for a while. I kept putting it off because I no longer trust them but it got too bad to put off any longer. The consultation was carried out over the phone and I knew straight away the doctor I had was a stickler for the script. My heart dropped when she asked if I’d had the vaccination, my negative reply was met with irritation and the question why. I told her ‘personal choice’. After identifying I had two quite serious infections running concurrently, (this is true and I suspected as much), she ended with ‘You need to get tested for covid because you have a ‘new’ cough’. eh? I have asthma and have done all my life and it’s the same cough I’ve always had.



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