Is North Korea a potemkin village?

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Human Vibration posed the valid question: does anyone actually live in North Korea, and if so, how many? How does their population remain static if their birth rate is below replacement?

The are likely all fabrications.

They even have Propaganda City, itself a potemkin village.

There’s a good chance North Korea was turned into a UN wilding area after the Korean war, and everyone drained out into the south.

There are probably a few controlled places for people to visit, but overall, I think the country is an illusion.



[Real Eyes Radio] Episode 04: Tuned In @humanvibration… via @PodcastAddict

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4 thoughts on “Is North Korea a potemkin village?

  1. barbm124

    there was this series called “Departures” where two young men travel to rare places and they also visited NC but the entire episode looked weird. A colleague of mine went to Israel once for vacation and also visited the Gaza strip there and was told “today it is quiet, but be carefull”. Ok, now there are no news from Gaza, right (why is that actually?), but like two years ago there still were news of Palestinians throwing stones and being shot. My colleague described the strip as ruins with some few people hiding behind walls. They traveled there with a bus and a guide, took a walk and went back to Israel. War tourists or something. Can you imagine? I still didn’t convinced him that this was just a movie set. He intends to take the jab too you know.

  2. peetiro

    Jay Dyer has been on this one for awhile – the idea that NK is more or less a giant CIA-controlled Potemkin Village serving as a foil and perennial bad guy for the Empire. I agree that population stats are manipulated, and wouldn’t be surprised if the official population number is inflated fourfold or so. Jay’s highly entertaining video here, in which he also gets into Kim’s ties to the CIA and Hollywood.

  3. Master of None

    A few years ago after watching a weird documentary about an american reporter going there and film8ng his experience (?) eating very little food all alone in a fancy hotel dining room, seeing very few people, all of whom behaved perfectly, seeing the sites with no other tourists ever present, etc. I saw someone ask if the country might just be a completely made-up and if so, I could see the perfect opportunity for corrupt govs to have to create fear of a stunted “bad guy, maniac” at the ready to distract, maniuplate and make us so proud of our freedom and normalcy, appreciative we are not lorded over by such tyrants. ?

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      It’s a devil for South Korea. Just another long scam that people couldn’t imagine being conned by, just like nuclear “science.”


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