Abuse of Declarations of Emergency

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Given the recent second provincial emergency declared by the Premier of Ontario effective January 12, 2021, have you ever wondered what it actually takes to make such a declaration, if only out of curiosity?


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1 thought on “Abuse of Declarations of Emergency

  1. xileffilex

    Excellent analysis of an obviously synthetic “pandemic”. The UK National Health Service declared an emergency on January 30 2020, simulateneously with the WHO declaring their highest state of alert , the PHEIC, just six days after they had said that the Chinese “outbreak” was NOT a PHEIC…

    I wonder where the latest Indian “outbreak” is going to take us – the news coverage has a fake look about it, reminiscent of Wuhan and Lombardy – lots of stories of “overwhelmed hospitals”, doctors rushing about and oxygen tankers in the streets as a new “double mutant” virus sweeps across the sub-continent [lol….]

    Staged BBC video full of crisis actors ..Coronavirus: Overwhelmed India hospitals turn Covid patients away

    There will be no early end to this nonsense

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