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We get green because

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China needs our resources.

Unless another coal mine is opened to up, we will need to get off coal and gas so the China beast can be fed.

We are intentionally being hobbled so we won’t be able to get industry back, even if a real nationalist populist shows up.

The China Class is ruling all 5 eyes nations now.

You’re slowly building your own prison.

Matthew Ehret speaks in the same vein. youtu.be/_E1U3ainksw

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Shedding again

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I’m not big on transmission of anything, but if we could get the herd to start believing this, it might stop the quaxxines in their tracks. Why not stop a dangerous myth with another one?

Last evening I watched a video Zoom conference call between five doctors. They were discussing this new concept of “shedding”. Shedding is more appropriately called “Transmission” according to Dr. Tenpenny who was one of the doctors. This is the newly discovered phenomena side effect of the vaccination where those who are unvaccinated but who com into regular contact with vaccinated persons develop negative health symptoms such as clotting, bleeding, CovID itself [whatever that is] and more. An example of this given by Dr. Tenpenny was a person who lived with his aged mother who was unvaccinated. S/he got the CovID injection and his mother died of “CovID” shortly thereafter.


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Where does the H go?

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If the Earth is mostly covered in water and water evaporates, where does all the hydrogen in the water molecule go? We are told that the air is 20% oxygen- so where does the double hydrogen go? Also interesting is that CO2 only makes up .033% of the air, and we are told there are just trace amounts of hydrogen.

The whole concept of air being composed of different gases may just be a tool for deception. It’s a concept worth exploring.

Is this story just to hide the entire concept of aether?


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Human Vibration’s amazing podcast

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This trio provides so much food for thought.


Episode 06: Bear in Mind

2021-04-12 by realeyesradio

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Episode: mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/b7ehs7…

Welcome to Real Eyes Radio Episode 06: Bear in Mind In this episode we recognize the “passing” of the world’s longest living mummy aka Prince Phillip, while exploring the mysticism of the Number 9 — a numerical Janus-like mirrored illusion built right into our base operating code of Math & Language Arts — along with a mini-dive on Purple as the color of illusion & Royalty. We (once again) get caught up in the tornadic energetic vortices placed & programmed to hypnotize our mind and extract our essence on a daily basis…broken-record alert! And of course, we poke fun at zoological genetics in a quite unsavory way, forgive us, as we take a moment to celebrate the Unsung Hero of the breaking of the matrix, Dorothy’s Inception Totem aka TOTO, all while keeping ourselves (and hopefully anyone who listens) absurdly entertained. Follow us on twitter to discover more: Real Eyes Radio @RealEyes_Radio on twitter and insta Human Vibration @humanvibration @humanvibration_insta Rambo @Seekthetruth101 Murph @ninjasniperpon1 Special mentions: Brother Berg @extracapsa My Maria @mymaria777 Phoenix Rising @di2122 Rock Chalk @RockChalkPhog25 Music by AYZ @Ayz Thank you to *THE UNIVERSE* for sponsoring our sixth episode, and a major shoutout to the crew at The Black Pill Podcast @blackpillradio_ for helping us spread our vibes.

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Just like 9/11, Coming COVID Commission Is a Gates-Led Cover-Up

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Fox guarding henhouse story, with recycled actors navel gazing.

The chosen leader of this new planning group is Philip Zelikow, former executive director of the 9/11 Commission2 and a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program Advisory Panel.3,4 While Gates may not be a physical member of this planning group, he’s certainly involved indirectly. Of that we can be virtually assured.

Source: Coming COVID Commission Is a Gates-Led Cover-Up

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Alan Watt on the power structure

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Another past look at the plan formenting now.

Apr. 25, 2021 “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt — Redux (Educational Talk From the Past): “Alan Watt on American Awakening with Michael Herzog – April 20, 2007”

2021-04-25 by Alan Watt ( cuttingthroughthematrix.com & alanwattsentientsentinel.eu )

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1222…
Episode: cuttingthrough.jenkness.com/RE…

–{ “Alan Watt on American Awakening with Michael Herzog – April 20, 2007”}–

(Original Broadcast Apr. 20, 2007) – Scotland, Chemtrails 1960s – Foreign Troops on US Soil – NATO Pact – Special Forces – Russian Troops in Canada – Gulf War One –
Sick Troops, Autoimmune Problems, Inoculations – Kissinger, US Citizens would Welcome Foreign Troops, North American Union –
CFR – EU after WWII – Chinese Takeover as World Policeman – Iran – Threats of War – Culture Industry, Drama, Fiction, Propaganda –
Video Games, Desensitization – Increasing Kill Rate, Adrenaline – Waco, Bowing to Fire – Predictive Programming – Publishing Houses –
Fear Tactics – Climate Change Conditioning – Aerosol Spraying – HAARP, UN Habitat Areas, Genetic Screening – Al Gore – Military
Strategy and Warfare, Mad Cow Disease, Flooding and Drought Creation – Chemtrails – Destroying Small Farmers – Bee Deaths, Genetically
Modified Crops – – Gene Splicing – Toxic Hives, Riots in India over Terminator Seeds, HAARP – “NATO and Europe” Book by General
Andre Beauvre, (French Dept. NATO), OSS – CIA Setup – Psychopaths – World Conquest – COSCO – GATT Treaty – 50 Year Setup of China,
Tiananmen Square Massacre – Farmer Suicides Blamed on “Climate Change”, Aerosolized Aluminum Oxide – Aerosolized Prozac and Valium,
Upper Respiratory Illness – “The Future of Britain and the Empire” book (Rockefeller Foundation) – “Millennium” Book by Jacques Attali –
New Chinese Ultra-modern Bureaucratic Cities – Sifting Process for Psychopathic Traits – Holy Books, Western Bible – “Jewish Myths and
Fables” book – Secret Societies, Past Cycles, Ancient Knowledge – Brain-Chip, Regional Supercomputers – Experimental Vaccines – Creating
Apathy and Depression – CSIS CIA Merger, Secret Services, Customs – Bureaucratic Mergers – North American Free Trade Negotiations.

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