Alan Watt on the power structure

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Another past look at the plan formenting now.

Apr. 25, 2021 0;Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt — Redux (Educational Talk From the Past): “Alan Watt on American Awakening with Michael Herzog – April 20, 2007”

2021-04-25 by Alan Watt ( & )

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–{ 0;Alan Watt on American Awakening with Michael Herzog – April 20, 2007”}–

(Original Broadcast Apr. 20, 2007) – Scotland, Chemtrails 1960s – Foreign Troops on US Soil – NATO Pact – Special Forces – Russian Troops in Canada – Gulf War One –
Sick Troops, Autoimmune Problems, Inoculations – Kissinger, US Citizens would Welcome Foreign Troops, North American Union –
CFR – EU after WWII – Chinese Takeover as World Policeman – Iran – Threats of War – Culture Industry, Drama, Fiction, Propaganda –
Video Games, Desensitization – Increasing Kill Rate, Adrenaline – Waco, Bowing to Fire – Predictive Programming – Publishing Houses –
Fear Tactics – Climate Change Conditioning – Aerosol Spraying – HAARP, UN Habitat Areas, Genetic Screening – Al Gore – Military
Strategy and Warfare, Mad Cow Disease, Flooding and Drought Creation – Chemtrails – Destroying Small Farmers – Bee Deaths, Genetically
Modified Crops – – Gene Splicing – Toxic Hives, Riots in India over Terminator Seeds, HAARP – 0;NATO and Europe” Book by General
Andre Beauvre, (French Dept. NATO), OSS – CIA Setup – Psychopaths – World Conquest – COSCO – GATT Treaty – 50 Year Setup of China,
Tiananmen Square Massacre – Farmer Suicides Blamed on “Climate Change”, Aerosolized Aluminum Oxide – Aerosolized Prozac and Valium,
Upper Respiratory Illness – “The Future of Britain and the Empire” book (Rockefeller Foundation) – “Millennium” Book by Jacques Attali –
New Chinese Ultra-modern Bureaucratic Cities – Sifting Process for Psychopathic Traits – Holy Books, Western Bible – “Jewish Myths and
Fables” book – Secret Societies, Past Cycles, Ancient Knowledge – Brain-Chip, Regional Supercomputers – Experimental Vaccines – Creating
Apathy and Depression – CSIS CIA Merger, Secret Services, Customs – Bureaucratic Mergers – North American Free Trade Negotiations.

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