Shedding again

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I’m not big on transmission of anything, but if we could get the herd to start believing this, it might stop the quaxxines in their tracks. Why not stop a dangerous myth with another one?

Last evening I watched a video Zoom conference call between five doctors. They were discussing this new concept of 0;shedding”. Shedding is more appropriately called “Transmission” according to Dr. Tenpenny who was one of the doctors. This is the newly discovered phenomena side effect of the vaccination where those who are unvaccinated but who com into regular contact with vaccinated persons develop negative health symptoms such as clotting, bleeding, CovID itself [whatever that is] and more. An example of this given by Dr. Tenpenny was a person who lived with his aged mother who was unvaccinated. S/he got the CovID injection and his mother died of “CovID” shortly thereafter.


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