Where does the H go?

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If the Earth is mostly covered in water and water evaporates, where does all the hydrogen in the water molecule go? We are told that the air is 20% oxygen- so where does the double hydrogen go? Also interesting is that CO2 only makes up .033% of the air, and we are told there are just trace amounts of hydrogen.

The whole concept of air being composed of different gases may just be a tool for deception. It’s a concept worth exploring.

Is this story just to hide the entire concept of aether?


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7 months ago

“Peter and Petes'” youtube series does a great job deconstructing many so-called “scientific facts” we’ve all been taught since childhood, including water is H2O.

7 months ago
Reply to  Fakeologist
7 months ago

somebody needs to ask john the don, immediatly

7 months ago

“Cavendish is considered to be one of the so-called pneumatic chemists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, along with, for example, Joseph Priestley, Joseph Black, and Daniel Rutherford. Cavendish found that a definite, peculiar, and highly inflammable gas, which he referred to as “Inflammable Air”, was produced by the action of certain acids on certain metals. This gas was hydrogen, which Cavendish correctly guessed was proportioned two to one in water.”


7 months ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

Yep, same hustler. He reckoned the specific gravity of the rock we’re standing on as compared to water of course. Water is the density that all other densities are compared to in order to reckon their specific gravity.

7 months ago

Water’s quite a stable molecule. A bigger question is where all the water came from. Nobody seems to know. Only one mention of H and none of O in this article www.npr.org/2020/08/27/9067916… Oh, it just came out of the rocks “from which the earth is built”. Right. Water vapor is allegedly the biggest contributor to the greenhouse effect….touted as being in a positive feedback loop with CO2. Increased atmospheric CO2->”global warming”->more atmospheric H20 uptake ->more “global warming warming” ->more CO2 released from the sea into the atmosphere …ad infinitum. Or so they say. We might as well forget about any… Read more »