Canada’s Covid Coup

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Once they break the churches, what organized forces are left?

Arthur Koestler, who had a deep and personal understanding of Stalinism, Fascism and Nazism, wrote the following in his 1941 novel “Darkness at Noon”:

“There are only two concepts of human ethics and they are polar opposites. One is Christian-humanitarian and declares that the individual is sacred and maintains that no calculations be done with blood.

The other is based on the principle that the collective goal justifies the means, and this not only allows but requires that the individual be subordinated to the collective in every way, including as a guinea pig or sacrificial lamb.

In a crisis – and politics is one permanent crisis – those in power could always declare a state of emergency to justify exceptional measures.

For as long as there have been nations and classes, they live in a state of mutual self-defence, which constantly forces them to postpone their humanistic program to some ‘later date’...”…

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