5 thoughts on “Richard Boots Rick From Fakeologist · Fakeotube – by Bing

  1. napoleon

    los spider phallus ive checked the wizard of oz for adverse reactions ,we,ve had ruby slipper blisters breaking out on people who have had the quacksine ,well apparently
    but that p.c.r. test some say is leaving what equates to a los spider phallus,s up one shnozz (theragrip tech) hope its a scare story but hey cant be too careful
    how many have you had ,and do you feel like a manchurian candidate ready to be activated

    1. napoleon

      sounds like a clues forum saboteur ,theyre angry cos of the lack of curve , anyway im hooked on the ladies conversations , babette purple play linda, didi all sweethearts

  2. napoleon

    is car crash a euphemism for clues forum, that wacky globe website

    lucky the flying rezmutts and the lovely soon to be mrs Didi,t, saved the day

    put the ladies in charge for now, till the boys learn manners

    great chats cheers , and the younger FLYING rezmutts tribute to ab was very welcome


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