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Prince and Purple Reign

Episode 08: A Rising Tide

2021-04-26 by realeyesradio

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In our eighth and final episode of Real Eyes Radio Season 01, we examine the fraying edges of the so-called “Criminal Justice System” through improbably-rendered guilty verdicts and purposefully strung loopholes, dive into the notion of an Old-Media takedown and a New-media revolution, and explore the use of animatronic dummies to program the public about Aliens, Space, Politicians & The Future. We question the near-constant of child stars through the lens of actor-based reality, peer into the funhouse mirror of gender-bending & DeepFake Hollywood, reexamine the lyrics to society’s most colorful songs, and continue our never-ending search for needles in the haystack… all while keeping ourselves (and hopefully everyone who listens) absurdly entertained. While we’re on our break from recording, you can still find us and we’ll still be sharing our light: Real Eyes Radio @RealEyes_Radio on twitter and insta Real Eyes Radio on Patreon www.patreon.com/realeyesradio Real Eyes Radio on YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCuHfK… Human Vibration @humanvibration @humanvibration_insta Rambo @Seekthetruth101 Murph @ninjasniperpon1 Special mentions: by AYZ @Ayz Thank you to *THE UNIVERSE* for sponsoring our first season, and a MAJOR shoutout to the crew at The Black Pill Podcast @blackpillradio_ for helping us get off the ground, spread our wings and share our vibes.

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