2 thoughts on “Lights camera dead bodies!

  1. ricky

    I suspect it’s pure mockery Gabriel, whether these vids are “manufactured” or not is a distinction without a difference insofar as the normies are concerned. They cannot be reached in my experience no matter what evidence you might confront them with. This site with Abs’ relentless proofs of the never-ending media hoaxes and culture management strategies is an oasis for like minded outcasts that end up here. These types of videos, while entertaining, will never penetrate the thick skulls of society at large, the damage has been done, there’s no “waking up” the masses. We’re at the mercy of morons, something I thought would always be restricted to just driving or walking around in grocery stores. Now they’ve been “activated” and their little peanut brains are policing their neighbors about their vax status, it’s getting ugly.

  2. Gabriel

    Cry for all those fake dead people on the tv news. The dead guy in the pile smoking his cigarette says it all.

    We have to anticipate the perps let this get out to aggravate those of us that are aware or for other calculated psych purposes. They know the masses won’t be able to rationalize it and cognitive dissonance will take over.

    It also would not surprise me if these videos are manufactured as well. I say that because that is a lot of people to have no conscience to know they are hurting the rest of humanity by going along with all of this. I would really like to know how all of this is done.

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