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Psyops to make you obey

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Stepping on the gas.

that gave guidance on how politicians could manipulate the people of Ontario into adherence of their Public Health measures. Independent MPP Roman Baber brought this up in the house on April the 26th, 2021.


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Fake Mask USA

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Ordered a few as the tyranny ramps up here.

The Fake Face Mask is one of the most breathable, comfortable face covering on the market, rivaled only by its Offensively Fake Face Mask counterpart! Both are 100% compliant with the tyrannical mask mandates issued by our respective state dictators.


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Let the shunning begin

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My mother is under the spell and asked me the take the experimental biologic injection today.

Now I know why she asked today.

She downloaded her instructions earlier this week from the MSM machine.

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