Psyops to make you obey

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Stepping on the gas.

that gave guidance on how politicians could manipulate the people of Ontario into adherence of their Public Health measures. Independent MPP Roman Baber brought this up in the house on April the 26th, 2021.…

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  1. xileffilex

    Greg’s doing sterling work. These mind-bending operations were started in the UK back in March 2020 **
    Now we learn that a US media organisation Omnicom which had already received £100m by November 2020 on Coronavirus “messaging”.…
    …is getting another £320m “stimulus”.


    SPI-B recommended that the UK government should:

    Use the media (MSM) to increase sense of personal threat.
    Use the media (MSM) to increase sense of responsibility to others.
    Use social disapproval for failure to comply.

    source UK Column

    This would have been the brief of Omnicom, which had been brainwashing the UK population with taxpayers’ money [now upto £1.6bn since 2018] on matters such as Brexit and more recently Covid-19 most recently with £320m for Covid persuasion until April 2022……

    The government is the biggest source of advertising for the MSM today – no wonder there is just one message. Without the brainwashing advertising we are paying for, the MSM would die.

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