5 thoughts on “Why the photoslop mockery?

  1. napoleon

    just for fun don,t call in so sync could be when i go looking for inversion and find it thats sync but what i find is inversion or to use another term i like is kubricks kamera,or the masonic term transmogrification alchemy baby,so sync is one coming across a link and it makes sense because as we know there are no coincidences
    so if theres no coincidences then (interstellar) is a work of genius and the gullible ape leaves a dying planet and his kansas farm along with his son toto and his daughter dorothy piloting a big corona virus shaped spaceship into a psi fi wet dream black hole is good and dumps his lander which is a batmobile ,”bat” spacebats ( same visuals as were expected to belive a virus phage takes lol( fancy a time travel film with the power of love as a narrative (and not a theme = huey lewis andthe news should sue), but lets get it straight the wizard (film maker is given key words and images to incorporate in a film or in nolens case the entire covid script is in batman 123 and tenet wizard of oz visualz and locations with a black fella getting choked at the start and finishing with trump and his tower losing and winning or should i say the temporal pincer templar shh but interstellars social distancing during games and relatives communicating through a sheild the dying planet earth narrative and last but not least michael caines deathbed confession is so close to pasteurs its not even funny, thats not sync
    o,z, letters corresponding to n,y, is not sync
    some callit twilight language jay and his misis cover it a little example of mine is find all the yellow brick roads in nolens movies

  2. napoleon

    i want someone to define sync in the context of tim ozman 2 better than the last tim ozman 1 his audios with cris truthseeker are laboureous
    ,sorry i digress and jlb 1 theres only one jlb , because i know what i point out is not sync its inversion or mirroring example “ape a planet” to mock humanity can become ape ap la net
    which when inverted becomes “ten al qa eda! or alqa eda , and obviously guantanamo is modelled on planet of the apes compound .tenet lol
    or could sync be 911 =9 being the cosmic number and 11 being the masonic pillars ,so the cosmist and the masons join up to fool us again with a combined space towering inferno film made by i,l,m
    incidentally danny in the shining has an imaginary friend called tony that lives in his mouth and danny has a sore arm ,ruby shot ozwald is that sync ha of course not ,ill leave it there fer now

    a virus is a reaction ergo never a cause

  3. napoleon

    love me some monolith talk ,imagine going back over your school pictures and there being a monolith in the background on every picture , i reckon the long walk will finish back in kansas ,is it really a surprize they used force perspective or a similar visual technique on may the 4th

    and thankyou to mr anonymouse for such a wanderful donation

    danka shoen

  4. Gabriel

    Now that is crazy. Wonder why they would intentionally put that shopped photo out?

    Back when I was new at Cluesforum I used to post these type of ridiculous photos. They always have photos of crowds at the fake events and invariably there would be some huge unrealistic person in the crowd.


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