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From June 1, Singapore will become the world training ground for the New Digital Slavery.

The debate about the limits of privacy and the rights of Big Brother in a post-covid world can be ended. In a few years, in all developed countries it will be the same as from June 1 in Singapore:
• a mandatory application on the phone and / or a special key fob, without which the entrance to all crowded places, with the exception of small shops and pharmacies, is closed;
• this application (or key fob) monitors and writes to a special database data about a person’s movements and his 0;contacts” (all people with whom the person was within 2 meters for at least 30 minutes – these two parameters are configurable).
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The collected data is considered anonymous. But:
1. as soon as someone has a positive test for COVID (soon in Singapore this will be done directly by breathing), his data ceases to be anonymous, and all people who had “contact” with him are notified about this.
2. It is also possible to transfer the collected data to the police, even if the person does not have a positive COVID test.
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